Organizational Systems Assessment and Design

Start-ups and organizations going through significant growth or transition often find themselves turning attention to the systems they use to do their work.

Are you looking for ways to standardize streamline the workflow of your organization?

Do you need help identifying and designing systems to help your organization be as effective as possible?

Do you have organizational or management systems that are sufficient but you wish were more user-friendly or efficient?

Do you need support in training your staff on new or existing organizational or management systems?

Let me bring my eye for efficiency and knack for creating effective systems to help you ensure that you have the behind-the-scenes structures you need to allow you to focus on what's really important - the change you're making in the world.  I can help you to design systems for streamlining workflow, standardizing management check-ins, coordinating projects across departments, debriefing projects and events, simplifying on-boarding and off-boarding of staff and much more.