Racial Diversity and Inclusion Trainings

I offer half-day, full day and multiple day workshops that explore some of the following topics:

-       Key terms related to race, racism and racial justice

-       The different levels on which racism plays out in our society, from internalized racism to structural racism

-       The historical policies and laws that have helped to set up the structures and create the impacts of racial injustice we see today

-       How racism impacts us today - individually, communally and societally

-       Some of the traps that individuals fall into when discussing race and how to address them

-       Strategies for interrupting and combating racism

-    The concept of implicit bias and its role in perpetuating racial injustice

-       For Jewish organizations and communities:

  • An understanding of the history of how white Jews came to be considered white in America
  • Exploration of the interplay between anti-semitism and racism
  • The impacts of racism on the Jewish community today

Click here for more information on an upcoming training in DC on "Exploring Racial Bias as White Jews".