Drawing on her expertise in nonprofit leadership and management, curriculum design, organizational development, project management and facilitation, Suzanne collaborates with clients to address complicated challenges and create innovative solutions.  Each consulting or coaching engagement begins with an in-depth conversation so that Suzanne can understand a client's strengths, challenges, dynamics and aspirations.  Based on this conversation, Suzanne creates a plan tailored to meet the client's unique needs.  Suzanne's services include:



In addition to the positive impacts on individuals that increased equity and inclusion within organizations leads to, research shows that more equitable and inclusive organizations are also more effective and that this advantage will only continue to grow as our the diversity of our country and communities increases.  Suzanne believes that organizations can achieve the most efficient impact and create the most change when they engage in equity and inclusion work from a holistic approach - one that simultaneously addresses inclusion related to racial, class, gender, and sexual identity as well as (dis)ability - rather than focusing in on one particular area of inclusion.  Suzanne believes that equity and inclusion work is most effective when the individuals engaged in it feel emotionally safe and supported, as well as challenged.  Therefore, she brings a high degree of emotional intelligence, deep understanding of group dynamics and a healthy dose of compassion and humility to this work. 

Suzanne's work supporting organizations in moving towards greater equity and inclusion both internally and externally falls into four categories:

  • Equity and Inclusion Advisor: Organizations with a commitment to equity and inclusion sometimes need support in bringing this lens to the materials, communications and events coming out of their organization.  Suzanne can provide organizations that may not have the expertise or capacity to do this close review of their materials and events with the support needed to ensure that they are communicating and programming in ways that are accessible and inclusive to the diversity of individuals that make up their constituency.  While providing this service, Suzanne also supports the organization's staff in building their own muscles to do this work over the long-term.  Examples of materials that Suzanne could review include: newsletters, press releases, PowerPoint decks, event or retreat plans, welcome materials, registration forms and website content, among others.
  • Implicit Bias Training: Suzanne provides half and full-day workshops that:
    • introduce the concept of implicit bias
    • lay out the brain science behind it
    • share accessible examples of the research that demonstrates its impact
    • provide concrete strategies for counteracting implicit bias
    • and provide opportunity and structure for participants to create an action plan for themselves to begin to internalize and enact this information
  • Organizational Assessment:  For organizations seeking to establish a baseline for their equity and inclusion work and to identify key areas in which to focus their change efforts, Suzanne offers a copyrighted, comprehensive assessment tool that covers all of the areas of an organization's work both internal and external.  The tool uses an online survey format and once it is completed, Suzanne creates a summary report that identifies both areas of existing strength for the organization in terms of equity and inclusion, as well as priority areas of growth.  The tool is versatile enough that it can be used for everything from religious institutions to nonprofit organizations to schools and camps.
  • Trainings for Professionals Working with Children:  One of the ways we can have the biggest impact on equity and inclusion in the future is to equip our children with the knowledge and skills that allow them to act and advocate for greater equity and inclusion.  Suzanne offers workshops specifically tailored for professionals working with children to help them understand the most up-to-date research on teaching children about these topics and provides them with concrete strategies that they can begin implementing immediately.  Suzanne's current workshops focus specifically on talking with children about race and gender identity, however if you are looking for a workshop with a different focus, please contact Suzanne to discuss.



Ensuring that your organization has a clear set of goals and objectives, a detailed plan for their implementation and staff buy-in and alignment behind this plan, are keys to organizational effectiveness and success.  Suzanne will work with you to design and implement a strategic planning process that is "right-sized" for your organization and your budget.  This process could be as limited as a two day strategic planning retreat with board and staff that leads to a summary memo outlining goals and outcomes or as robust as a full year strategic planning process that regularly engages staff, board and leadership in identifying organizational priorities and designing an implementation plan to achieve them.

Suzanne brings to her strategic planning work a wealth of knowledge and experience running strategic planning process from both within organizations, as well as as an external consultant, as well as strong facilitation skills and a natural ability to break down over-arching goals into their component parts.  She can also support your organization in using a strategic planning process as an opportunity to strengthen your organization's work around equity and inclusion, both internally and externally.



Coaching is a one-on-one opportunity for self-reflection, individual goal-setting and professional development.  

As your coach, Suzanne will serve as a thought partner to help you identify what's working for you, what's not and what habits or mind-sets you might need to shift to create a job and life you love.  She brings an awareness of the important interplay between mind, emotion and body to her work as a coach. 

Suzanne focuses on supporting individuals committed to social justice in doing their work as effectively as possible, while also finding more joy, balance and ease in their personal and professional lives.  

She brings to her coaching a unique understanding of the impacts that dynamics of power and marginalization can have in our work and lives.

Suzanne is currently completing an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training and certification program.