Ensuring that your organization has a clear set of goals and objectives, a detailed plan for their implementation and staff buy-in and alignment behind this plan, are keys to organizational effectiveness and success.  Suzanne will work with you to design and implement a strategic planning process that is "right-sized" for your organization and your budget.  This process could be as limited as a two day strategic planning retreat with board and staff that leads to a summary memo outlining goals and outcomes or as robust as a full year strategic planning process that regularly engages staff, board and leadership in identifying organizational priorities and designing an implementation plan to achieve them.

Suzanne brings to her strategic planning work a wealth of knowledge and experience running strategic planning process from both within organizations, as well as as an external consultant, as well as strong facilitation skills and a natural ability to break down over-arching goals into their component parts.  She can also support your organization in using a strategic planning process as an opportunity to strengthen your organization's work around equity and inclusion, both internally and externally.