Racial Justice Round-Up #6

Following the election, there has been a deluge of writing on topics related to racial justice. Here are just a few pieces to check out...

Five Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears: This article beautifully balances the need for white people to be able to feel the emotions that come up for them in the context of racial justice work with the negative impact those emotions can have on people of color and provides concrete suggestions for how to avoid that negative impact while still feeling those emotions.

Please Don't Ask Black People to Empathize with Trump Supporters: There has been a lot of writing about the need to empathize with the experiences of alienation that led some white people to vote for Trump.  While there is important work that needs to happen there, this article makes a strong case for why asking Black people (or any of those targeted by his rhetoric) to do that is problematic.

Ready for Thanksgiving Conversations with Trump Voters? This Guide Can Help: For those who will encounter Trump voters at their Thanksgiving meals and are in state to actually engage in constructive conversation, this article provide suggestions and a link to a conversation guide that can help.

Why Jews Have a Special Obligation to Resist Trump: Powerful piece from two amazing Jewish leaders on why "American Jewish organizations can't pretend this is business as usual."

A Time for Moral Grandeur: Beautiful post by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg on why "never again" must mean now and why we must take courageous action to stop the rising tide of racism and hatred being empowered now.