Racial Justice Round-Up #4: Race, Class, Education and Incarceration - Plus an upcoming training!

Lots of great reading and resources this week!  

Also, if you haven't yet heard, I'm hosting a training called "Exploring Racial Bias as White Jews" on April 17th in DC.  If you're interested in attending, you can click here for more information.

The Counted: People Killed by Police in the US:  This is an in-depth interactive tool that provides data on all of the people killed in the US by police in 2015 and 2016.  You can sort by race/ethnicity, state, gender, age and more.  There are also pictures and short summaries about each victim.

How Black Middle-Class Kids Become Poor Adults:  Based on several recent studies, this article lays out statistics that show that even when black families are able to move into the middle-class that the rate of "downward intergenerational mobility" is much higher for them than it is for whites.  

Donald Trump's Hateful Rhetoric is Contaminating America's Children:  This opinion piece asserts that the bigotry which Trump regularly articulates is and will continue to be mimicked by children and played out in schools and on playgrounds and may have effects that continue far beyond this election season.

You Can't Ignore Racism and Raise Anti-Racist Children: A mother shares the story of how she dealt with her daughter bringing home a book with racist imagery from the school library - and why having frank conversations with children, especially white children, is so critical to combating racism.

Formerly Incarcerated Moms Fight for Reforms to Save Families: This article outlines a few pieces of legislation that advocates, including formerly incarcerated moms, are fighting for to make sure that more mothers don't lose their children to the system simply because of their incarceration.

The Unchecked Racism of the Left and the Platinum Rule:  This author outlines the ways that subtle racism plays out on the left, using the presidential campaign as an example, and introduces the idea of the "Platinum Rule" - do unto others as they would have done unto them, rather than the oft quoted "Golden Rule" which assumes that we all want and need similar things from others.

How the Media Gets the Narrative on the White Working Class Totally Wrong:  This piece suggests that the often cited idea that the white working class is "America's perpetual bigot class" is actually a form of classism that ignores the racism present in all white economic classes as well as the ways that the white upper and middle classes actually have more power to perpetuate institutional forms of racism than do white working class folks.

How Can White Teachers Do Better by Urban Kids of Color?: An excerpt from a book, this article delves into the ways that white teachers unknowingly perpetuate racial oppression in the urban schools within which they teach and what can be done to address this.