Racial Justice Round-Up #5: Videos, Allyship and White Privilege

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A lot of amazing media - both videos and articles - on racial justice came out this week.  Here are some key pieces:

Traffic Stop:  A video animation produced by StoryCorps that tells the true story of a Black college student, son of white parents, who was stopped by police and severely beaten because he asked to see a warrant.  

Ten Rules:  A video made by Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus, OH outlining ten rules that Black youth should follow if stopped by the police so that they get home safe.  It's enraging and heartbreaking that this video has to exist.

In Wake of Trump Rally Violence, Dr. MLK Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" More Relevant than Ever:  Journalist Shaun King draws parallels between the criticisms being directed at the protesters of Trump's rallies with similar criticisms that White clergy directed at the nonviolent protests of the Civil Rights movement - and underscores the urgency of continuing to speak out against bigotry.

8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Being an Ally to Jews of Color:  This is a concise article that outlines some of the major roadblocks White allies come up against when doing racial justice work - within or outside the Jewish community.

Love While Challenging Racist Behavior: This post shares an example of a group situation where a racist statement was made and provides concrete tools for how to manage this type of situation as a facilitator.

The Black Lives Matter Founders Are Among the World's Greatest Leaders: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi were included in the 2016 Fortune Magazine list of "World's Greatest Leaders".

White Privilege in America Means No Consequences:  This article can be summed up by this quote from its conclusion..."To be white and do wrong in America is to do so without any real consequences or repercussions to the race. To be black or brown or Muslim or an immigrant in America, and do wrong, may cause problems for millions."

Data Shows 3 of 5 Biggest School Districts Hire More Security Officers Than Counselors:  This article explores new data that shows that many of the biggest school districts in the country have much higher student to guidance counselor ratios than student to security/police officer ratios and calls into question the efficacy of that prioritization.

Teaching #BlackLivesMatter:  This is a website from SF Public Schools that includes lesson plans and resources for teaching about #BlackLivesMatter.

Why Jews of Color Like Me Feel Unsafe After AIPAC's Applause for Trump:  This is an important op-ed that calls into question the White Jewish community's commitment to racial justice, based on Trump's reception at a large convening of American Jews last week. 

Concerned Student 1950:  This documentary was created by University of Missouri students to show what happened behind the scenes to bring together the protests there last fall that led to the resignation of the university's president.