Racial Justice Round-Up #2

Here are a few articles and podcasts on race, racism and racial justice that I'd encourage you to read...

On Being: The Resilient World We're Building Now: An amazing episode of On Being featuring Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of #BlackLivesMatter, and Robert Ross, a public health expert on the impact of childhood trauma, discussing issues of resilience, wholeness, trauma and growth.

Miss Sick of This vs Mama Cool: This incredibly heartfelt, vulnerable article shares a black mother's story of reacting to an incident at her daughter's school and all of the trauma it brought back for her.

Biden: Trump Makes Us Face Our Racism:  There has been a lot of writing this week about what Trump's wins on Super Tuesday say about racism.  This one specifically shares Vice President Biden's perspective on this issue.

Donald Trump and the Death Knell of White Supremacy: This is another one on the topic of Trump and racism; an optimistic view of how the hatred that Trump is surfacing may lead to change.