Racial Justice Round-Up #8: Pre-Inauguration Edition

As we prepare for the Inauguration tomorrow and all that accompanies that, here are a few articles you may want to spend some time with...

3 Reasons Why Calling Bigots "Uneducated" is Counter-Productive - In our public discourse, those who hold racist views are often mislabeled as "uneducated."  This article explains why doing this not only doesn't move us forward, but also reinforces the systems of oppression we seek to break down.

If You Only Watch One Moment from President Obama's Farewell Speech, Make it This One - President Obama said many powerful things in his farewell speech, but what he had to say about "minority groups voicing discontent" was spot on.  The relevant comments begin during the 22nd minute of the video.

White Jews, Whiteness and Anti-Semitism - Covering a topic that has become one of the focuses of my work these days, this podcast digs deep on the intersections of whiteness, Jewish identity, anti-semitism and racism.  Though-provoking, to say the least.  The website also has links to several articles mentioned in the podcast which are well-worth the read.

Deciding to Lead with Love, Despite an Enraging Political Climate - This piece released over the weekend by Rinku Sen, Executive Director of Race Forward, challenges us even amongst these times when there is so much to be angry about, to lead not only with our anger but also with love.

Do you hear trembling of Jews? - Written by a rabbi from the midwest, this op-ed compellingly points to the intersections of the rising wave of anti-semitism with ongoing acts of violence towards Muslims, immigrants, and People of Color.